1/2 Escapardenne Eislek Trail – Luxembourg


The Escapardenne Eislek Trail in Luxembourg is 106 kilometers long, because we couldn’t stay for 5 days we decided to walk from Kautenbach to Troisvierges (about 45km) and take the train back.
I walked this trail with my oldest friend Thomas and my newest friend Kim, it was their first hike.

Having some experience from the last hike I was equipped with a new and bigger backpack of 100l (Snugpak Bergen) instead of 75l to better organize my equipment and new (and larger shoes) in hope of avoiding blisters.
Lessons taken from the previous trail I took more socks, water, food and prevention for ticks and blisters.

The Hike


We arrived late at Kautenbach and hiked the first 6 kilometers to the highest point to set up camp and sleep in the woods under my tarp.
We had a good view but it was a little bit downhill so a bad night sleep for all of us, also we heard something running around close to our sleeping place, when we took out the headlamps we found out it was a fox.

Day 1

Equipped with the new bag weighing 18 kilo (containing a 5l bottle of water) and new shoes, we headed out for the first 20km early in the morning (we already found out who would always be the last guy to be ready…).

It was a hot day and even in the woods it was hot, there was also a climb in the open on the road, I tried to march as fast as I could to get out of the blistering heat!
We took an hour break at the top  and saw a Belgian couple that would do the whole trail but sleeping in hotels.

Continuing onward we passed a village name Lellingen where we had a drink and I was able to refill my water.

As my body had enough of the descends, the ascends, the sun, the weight of backpack I went to the back of the pack and took my own speed to preserve some energy.
Not far further we found a good place to sleep with a flat surface and some soft moss to lay on!
As the body was tired but the mind full of lame jokes, we made diner. I brought a Forestia meal which was really great.
We all had a good night sleep but I still had 2 blisters (not as worse as the first hike).

Day 2

We had to deviate from the path and enter another town called Clerveaux to get some supplies because Kim was out of water and we could use a good bite!
Thomas and I saw the couple we met the other day and learned that the rest of our hike consisted of a good 12 kilometers.
Kim came back and I said I made a mistake, I said “we still have 40 kilometers to go…” so he ramped up his water supply and off we went.

The rest of the hike was easier than the previous day (we overdid it the first day) and we took a few extra breaks.
At one stop we decided to name our bags, Thomas called his bag Balthazar of the 3 kings, Kim called his bag “Bianca” because he is a womanizer and I called mine Victor which means ‘a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition’.

We made made it to the trainstation in Troisvierges where we drank a Coca Cola (can’t break a tradition) and waited for the train to Kautenbach since it had just left.

Final Worlds

It was a good test for our new equipment and a good first hike for my buddies.
We learned a few value lessons to use on the next trip.