The Lee Trail – Luxembourg


The Lee Trail is a hike in Luxembourg and is 53 kilometers long with 2000 vertical meters.
The hike consists of 3 sections (normally it’s the other way but Kautenbach is closer to home):

Kautenbach to Hoscheid: 15 km
Hoscheid to Bourscheid: 19,7 km
Bourscheid to Ettelbruck: 18,3 km

The Hike


We arrived late at Kautenbach, we did steep climb and saw a a fireplace where we stayed for the night.

Day 1

The day after we started early, around 8 am to do about 25 kilometers (= 1 day and a half) and slept in the woods, we decided we would do the other half the second day because of bad forecast and finish the trail on Monday (the third day).

Day 2

The rain stayed out and we had a sunny day! In doubt if we would slow down and stay another day or continue and do the Lee Trail in 2 days instead of 3.
Stubbornness made us arrive around 17h at Ettelbruck trainstation where we had a good laugh and a Coke Cola that never tasted better.

Final words

Thank you my friend for this amazing weekend and all the tips and laughs (and food).